Airless tires-no flats no pumping

airless tires

Previously flying car, Ambulance drone and now Airless tires. Innovation definitely gets rid of lots of things!

Bridgestone Corporation and Bridgestone cycle developed Airless tires which are completely made from the recycled thermoplastic resin. Bridgestone has been experimenting with this tire concept since 2011.airless tires

The design of this Airless tire is bit different. Unlike most tires that use a solid rubber composite tube, this tire use flexible thermoplastic resin “spokes” instead of compressed air. In these tires flats are an impossibility, and tire will never need to be inflated. Additionally, the Company suggest that because of those attributes, the tires could allow for greater flexibility in the design of bicycles.airless tires

Bridgestone is currently assessing the feasibility of tires, and states that a commercial version of these airless tires may be available by 2019.



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