This Alarm clock will charge every time you hit the Snooze button

Snuznluz alarm clock

There are two kinds of people in this world- one who are punctual and set only one alarm in the morning and wake up without any struggle and one who hates to wake up early in the morning and sets multiple alarms, means one alarm and ten snooze alarms with five minutes intervals. If you’re a morning person and don’t have any problem regarding your morning wake ups then it’s great. But, if you’re not then this innovative piece of technology is for you. This interesting alarm device will make you avoid hitting snooze button because if you’ll hit the snooze button, this alarm clock will donate some of your money to Charity direct from your bank account.

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People don’t usually wake up after the first alarm ring they often snooze to get a few more minutes to sleep. To overcome this universal problem, we present you the SnuzNLuz Alarm Clock. It’s based on the concept of “If you snooze you lose”.

The Calibration of the alarm clock is quite easy. It can easily be connected via wi-fi and has an inbuilt web browser where users can configure the snooze system. It is having 1,600 banks listed from which you can select yours and fill all the required information. Over 6,200 Charities and Non-profit Organizations are also listed so you can select the Organization whom you want to donate in case you hit the snooze button. The minimum amount you can donate is $10 which is quite much to pay just for snoozing once. To save money people avoid hitting snooze and the company promise to cure people’s snooze button addiction. If you’re a real morning zombie and want to give this device a try then it will cost you $39.99.

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Now the question remains the same, will it really help people to cure snooze button addiction? If you don’t have a stache of money to spend on five minutes more sleep then Yes and if you have enough to hitting snooze then No..!

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