Apple Unveils Homepod, a Smart Speaker


Apple basically did not make speakers. But now it has launched a Siri smart Speaker named ‘Homepod’. Many companies like Amazon, Google, and even Microsoft are already in the speaker market. Apple is a bit late in this field.homepod

Apple’s Homepod is a small, flower pot like case that consists four woofer and seven tweeters. This smart speaker is powered by Apple’s A8 Processor and features “Real Time Acoustic Modeling” which allows it to change the music according to the environment around. It is claimed that Apple’s Homepod’s audio quality is better than Amazon and Google’s speakers.

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You can also operate the Homepod with voice commands. It is more than just a virtual assistant. It is “Musicologist” means you can tell it a certain song and it will remember your taste and play according to that. It will also help you to find new tunes on Apple Music. And one most important feature that makes it very unique and distinct from other is that you can ask it specific questions like, “Who’s the guitarist on this song?”

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The Homepod will be available in two different, white and space gray. It is coming in December and will cost you $349 which is bit expensive than others.

via(image courtesy): Engadget


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