Bisecu-a bluetooth lock that will prevent your bicycle from stealing

bisecu bicycle bluetooth lock
image source: smartworld

Bisecu is a bluetooth lock concept proposed by the Korean inventors. Bisecu is a front wheel mounted lock that will prevent your bike wheels turn.

Bisecu Bluetooth lock is a weather resistant aluminum alloy, cylindrical shaped device weighing 350 grams. This Bluetooth lock will be installed on the front wheel of the bicycle where it stays permanently. Bisecu device operates on the Android ios app via Bluetooth.

bisecu bicyle bluetooth
image source:chip in

The lock will work on the range of the Bluetooth, as soon as user walks out of the range of the device it will automatically activated. And when user walks towards the bicycle, it will automatically sense the Bluetooth signal and unlocks.

If you are walking around the bicycle then you can manually lock and unlock the device using your App. The App will also tell you the distance travelled, speed and slope inclination of your path.

bisecu bicycle blutooth lock
image source: new atlas

If anyone tries to steal your bike then the motion sensor attached to the system will blow an alarm and inform you via the App. In case your phone battery ran out of power then you can unlock the bicycle by simply entering the pass code on the integrated exterior button.

bisecu bicycle bluetooth lock
image source: chip in

It takes only ten minutes to install this lock on your bike and once charged, the Lithium ion battery lasts up to six months. When the battery gets low the App will automatically inform you to charge it up.

The price for this lock is not disclosed yet. But it is expected to be around $100-$150.



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