Chable Resort declared as the World’s best designed hotel


Chable Resort and Spa Hotel is located in the forest of Yucatan, Mexico. The tropical gardens and stone walls surround the Resort which will make you stumbled across an ancient Mayan temple. But look deeper and you’ll find a luxurious 21-century Spa with private Villas and gardens, spread across 750 Acres.Chable-ResortRead Also: This ‘Tilt’ speaker will wirelessly charge your Smartphones

Chable-ResortChable Resort’s interior is designed with the help of Jute, Linen, Silk, and Wood So that people can feel the nature’s touch here. Every suite is surrounded by gardens and flowers so people can spend their much of time roaming around Nature. The Resort contains a total of 40 suites including 2 Presidential Suites. The Resort also has infinity pools, movement studios, yoga decks, and floatation rooms that make your experience memorable here. The food dishes served here by Chefs are made from home grown ingredients. Dishes are fresh and flavorsome. If you’ve come here with your spouse then this Resort gives you the facility to eat in a romantic, shady spot within the ground. They explore the tequila cellar-the largest private collection in the world. Chable Resort’s Executive Chef Jorge Vallejo has been ranked #1 in Mexico and #12 in the world by world’s 50 best Restaurants.Chable-ResortRead Also: Obninsk APS-1 – The World’s first Nuclear Power Plant


Chable Resort and Spa Hotel is designed by Mexican Architects Jorge Borja and Poulina Moran. This Resort is having a great combination of the traditional elements of Mayan culture and Colonial architecture.Chable-ResortRead Also: Nasir Al Mulk Mosque-Also known as the Pink Mosque


This year (May 2017), the Resort has been awarded the Prix Versailles-an annual award presented by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Union of Architects. Which declare it the world’s best designed Hotel.

via (image courtesy): Slh, Metro


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