Chainless bicycle – looks odd

chainless bicycle

When you hear about bicycle, two wheels, a handle, two pedals located at the down center between both wheels, are the things that come in your mind. But Venice, Florida based inventor Sean Chan come up with an innovative and unique design which doesn’t consist chain in its bicycle. He calls it the Chainless bicycle.

Unlike the traditional bicycles, this bicycle doesn’t have chain mechanism to move its wheels. It features a riding position over its back wheel instead of the middle of the bike.chainless bicycle

The pedals are located on the rear wheel, which also contains an internal gearing system, so in this chainless bicycle one pedal revolution will not be equal to one wheel revolution. Additionally, the rider is able to stop pedalling for some time and can take rest for a while.

Another interesting feature is the Rapid Turning System, which (when activated) allows the bike’s rear wheel to pivot relative to the frame – just like the front wheel does on normal bikes. This makes sharp turns possible, along with various other weirdness, which can be seen in the video below.

This chainless bicycle is being made in both regular and folding versions, and is currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. The estimated retail pricing should start at $1,000.



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