This is how our future icar will look like


“The past is history, the future is mystery.”

No one on this planet knows how our future will look like. What kind of bikes will we have? What kind of transportation system will we use? What kind of work culture will be, at that time? There are so many concepts of many things, pretending that it’s our future. But, no one exactly can say anything about it. We can only imagine and design our illustrations for now. Apple has released so many concepts of icar. But, not many designers focus on the driving experience, instead of that their main focus remains on the outer body.icar

Designer Matias Papalini designed a concept of interior of the future icar. He imagined the dashboard with a full interactive wide touch screen. The steering wheel is completely detachable and can dock into the dashboard to enter “driving-mode”. You can unplug the wheel if you want to run icar in auto-pilot mode. Not just that, the wide interactive screen of the icar will allow you to watch movies in an almost cinemascope style experience.icaricar

Also, your steering wheel has functionality that allows you to manipulate content on dashboard. Not just that, you can dock your iphone in your steering wheel for more convenient access.icar

via: yankodesign


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