The futuristic pain killing bandage


Technology is getting better and better as time is passing.  Researchers are improving the existing technology and trying to make it better,  more reliable and easy to use. You may have used bandage but this futuristic bandage looks like something out of sci-fi movie.futuristic

This futuristic healing patch is designed by iTENS and is completely different from the conventional. This bandage sticks itself onto your body and magically dissipates any pain you may be experiencing. This butterfly shaped bandage comes with an electronic hub and two wings. These wings will adhere to any part of your body using gel sticker when it switched on, the hub will transmits mild electric current and it will flow through your muscles. This technique is called Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS). It will remove the pain. This smart bandage can be applied to any part of your body that is feeling pain.futuristicfuturistic

From the design of point of view, the ITENS does a lot to look incredibly futuristic, and user-friendly. This bandage sticks on to your body and will make you feel pain-free and alive in no time whether it is your back pain knee pain or sudden muscle pulls. You don’t have to take pain-killer all the time when your body feels pain. All you have to do is just stick it and push a button. This bandage is totally app controlled. you can control the current passing through your body and also track your progress results.futuristic

if you want  to buy this wearable futuristic bandage then, you can order it on their website at just $74.99 $107.00.



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