This gigantic tree house will give you an ultimate escape from the city life

Tree house

People are so busy today in their daily life routines that they don’t have time for their own. This result mental stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and blood pressure etc. To overcome these problems many people go for vacations to reduce their stress and get refreshment. Some go to the peaceful place where they can find peace. A.Masow design studio  unveiled plans to build a beautiful glass tree house that will contain a full tree inside it in Almaty, Kazakhstan.Tree houseTree house

This tree house will give you an ultimate escape from the stressful city life. The home will be circular in shape and will cover the tree with circular glass all around it. Tree house is built by using metal columns, plaster board panels, concrete, wooden flooring, and floor to ceiling windows. The home’s staircases built around the tree such that the tree is the central pillar of the tower. This tree house is having three floors. And one can enjoy the outside greenery view as it is located in the middle of the forest. The atmosphere will be peaceful here.Tree houseTree house

A 38 year old businessman wanted a home for two people, and a peaceful place where he can develop his spiritual and creative development. So this tree house is designed. This tree house cost around 225,000 to build.Tree house

If anyone got bored with his everyday life then he can come here and get a completely escape from the stressful everyday life in the city.



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