Google announced new strategy to stop fake news and misleading results

google strategy

Google announced new strategy on how it delivers and ranks internet searches. The latest efforts will apply brakes on fake news and offensive content.

The new initiative includes tweaks to the algorithm used by Google to deliver search results, while offering users more options to flag inappropriate content, including for “autocomplete,” or the suggestions Google makes while someone is typing a search query.

“Our algorithms help identify reliable sources from the hundreds of billions of pages in our index,” Google vice president of engineering Ben Gomes said in a blog post.

“However, it’s become very apparent that a small set of queries in our daily traffic (around 0.25 percent), have been returning offensive or clearly misleading content, which is not what people are looking for.”

Gomes said that Google is seeking to crack down on “new ways that people try to game the system.”

The main reason behind this is the phenomenon of the fake news, where the fake, low quality, misleading, and offensive content spread on the web. It can hurt people’s emotions and also affects the reputation of the search engine.

Gomes said that the latest efforts is the part of an ongoing process and includes “the real people who assess the quality of Google’s search results” and provide feedback.

Gomes said the new system will enables user to “inform us directly if you find any sensitive or unhelpful content.” We plan to use this feedback to help improve our algorithms, he added.

Source: Google


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