Hitachi introduced world’s fastest elevator with the top speed of 47 mph


As the Skyscrapers are going higher so getting from bottom to top in time become a challenge that’s why electronic corporations are trying hard to make this travel time as minimum as possible. In 2016, Shanghai tower’s elevator was the fastest elevator with the top of  42.8 mph. But as we know technology is getting better and better as time passes. And now Hitachi has introduced world’s fastest elevator with a top speed of 47 mph. it achieved 1.260m/min of top speed during independent testing in Guangzhou.

This new innovation of Ultra speed elevator will be installed in the Guangzhou CTE finance centre in Guangzhou in China. They already have rated top speed of 1260m/min and cover 440m between the ground and top floor (95th) in just 43 seconds. But the engineers decided to push the limit and achieved the top speed of 1260m/min.

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Hitachi handed world’s fastest elevator over to the national elevator quality supervision and inspection centre, where testers confirmed the magnificent speed of the elevator (1260 m/min).

The CTF Finance Centre in Guangzhou

Hitachi has achieved this blistering speed by using a permanent magnet synchronous motor, stronger main ropes and a compact control unit capable of handling the demands of super fastest elevator travel. The elevator is fitted with brakes that have a high resistance to heat to handle the emergency stops. It is also equipped with Hitachi’s air pressure adjustment technology to help combat ear popping.

The company says that this high-speed elevator technology will patronage the development of the future skyscrapers.

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