India become net exporter of electricity for the first time

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Finally, for the first time India has turned around from the net importer to net exporter of electricity during the year 2016-17(April to February 2017). India has imported 5,585 million units from Bhutan and exported 5,798 million units to Nepal, Bangladesh and Myanmar which is 213 million units more than the imported.

“Ever since the cross border trade of electricity started in mid eighties. India has been importing the power from Bhutan and marginally exporting to Nepal in radial mode at 33 kV and 132 kV from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh on an average Bhutan has been supplying around 5000-5500 million units to India “the ministry said in the press statement.

“India had also been exporting around 190 MW power to Nepal over 12 cross border connections at 11 kV, 33 kV and 132 kV level at present around 600 MW power is being exported to Bangladesh and the exported of power to Nepal expected to increase around 145 MW shortly,” the statement added.

This is a welcome change for India. India still uses the fossil fuel like coal, and the cheapest source of energy to produce electricity. Coal contributes to the rising emission.

India has to upgrade its electricity production in all manners it is the place of abundant possibilities and in future it may overcome power outage issues and export more electricity.



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