Innovative Pattern Door lock prevent your PINS from stealing


Passcode equipped doors might look safe, but there is always chance of shoulder surfing. People around you might look over your shoulder and steal your PIN. To prevent this, South Korean designer Kwon Hyuk-Sang has created a distinct keypad door lock with built in Braille. This allows user safer Passcodes, less unwanted visitors and more peace of mind.

As Kwon describes on the mock up product poster:

“When entering the PIN, the greatest security threat is shoulder surfing attack. Shoulder surfing attack is watching the PIN being entered from the shoulder to obtain the number. It is the most common and powerful security threat of stealing the PIN.”


This innovative pattern door lock is having Braille indications hidden on the underside of the handle. These indications make sure you can feel which button is which. On entering right combination, a green built in light will glow. And the intruder will be welcomed with a glowing red light on entering wrong combination.

The user can grasp the pattern door lock and press the four buttons with each of his fingers, initiating entry without revealing a thing. With four buttons it allows about 65,280 combinations of 4-8 digits.innovative_door_lock

Kwon’s this innovative concept of door lock would be helpful at research facilities, high security establishments and anywhere else where the privacy is of the utmost concern.

Source & image courtsey: Yankodesign


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