Jammy – Totally unique and first of its kind Slide Guitar


Electric guitars aren’t known for being compact instruments. When we think about a guitar, a big body with long neck consisting strings, stretched from the bridge to machine heads comes in our mind. But a Delaware- based startup RnD64 made a Slide guitar named Jammy which is having two sliding parts and is just 12 inches long when sliding down and 19.6 inches when stretches out completely. This Slide guitar can output audio directly to an Amp or a set of headphones.slide-guitar

The experienced guitarists can play it just like a regular guitar. The beginners can be guided via LEDs on the Frets that show them where to place their fingers.

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You can also try Jamming mode, in which you play along with a virtual backing band in a musical genre of your choice, or Song mode, in which you can play the guitar section of a song selected from a list. There’s additionally a Fail-proof mode, in which the software automatically corrects flubbed notes in known songs.slide-guitar

This Slide guitar will be available in the fourth quarter of the year, and you can pre-order it at Jammy.



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