‘LeGrow’-Build your own Indoor garden by just plugging in the blocks


Indoor garden designs and concepts are adopted by a large number of people. People love the greenery as an indoor garden in their homes. It gives a beautiful and magnificent view inside the house. But most people don’t know the gardening and after bringing some plant and pots, they failed to grow them because of lack of skill and care. For example sunlight, watering, and humidity are the main factors that need to be taken care of. By keeping all these aspects in mind designer Haobin Lin come up with a concept of  LeGrow modular block garden which allows you to set up your own garden by simply just plugging in the blocks and make your own unique design according to surroundings.legrow_mini_garden

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LeGrow’s mini garden can be made by just simply putting blocks one on other. These blocks are equipped with a water reservoir at the bottom that keeps the soil ventilated and its moisture level monitored. It comes with a humidifier unit that allows your small eco-system to have a forest like humid atmosphere that nurtures the plants while also making room environment feel comfortable.legrow_mini_gardenlegrow_mini_garden

A two-bulb LED grow Lamp provides nourishing light for a variety of plants. It generates up to 50,000 Lux and height adjustable and can be set in 6-hour increments. So that your plants get the light they need to flourish which is perfect for winter growing when sunlight is not enough. Sometimes most of the plants die due to lack of the moisture present in the air, especially in the indoor gardens. To resolve this issue, a 360̇ humidifier distributes moisture 360̇, providing the necessary water for plant growth. It also benefits us by reducing eye strain, softens skin etc.

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The humidifier and lamp modules connect into the low-voltage electrical module that supply them with power, while also giving you 3 USB ports to charge your devices.legrow_mini_garden

These LeGrow garden blocks are clean and simple. The conventional pot can be messy and most come with a drainage hole on the bottom of the pot to allow excess water to escape. But LeGrow not only stores the water but also prevent it from spilling out. The design allows the pots to be placed directly on your desk or furniture with less risk of leakage and soil escaping.legrow_mini_garden

This concept of a mini garden is designed for the people who love gardening but don’t have skills to grow it. This tiny eco-system will take care of itself on its own, so you can watch your lush green forest unfold before your eyes. The concept is now subjected to a Kickstarter campaign and will cost you $59 & $99.

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