Lilium’s flying car has completed successful flight and now plans five-seater

flying car

We all are waiting for the flying cars. No one knows how it will look like? And what features will it have? But, Lilium Aviation has the answer for your curiosity. Lilium Aviation’s Jet vertical take-off and landing (VOTL), zero emission, electric eagle prototype has completed its maiden flight. This will be controlled from ground.flying car

The Lilium jet consists of a rigid winged body with 12 flaps. Each flap carries 3 electric motors. The flap tilts from vertical to horizontal position according to the flight mode. At take-off all will be in vertical position, so that the engines can lift the aircraft and when it reaches to enough height, all lift necessary to stay aloft is provided by wings, as on a traditional airplane.flying car

This flying car is having is having 36 jet engines work like turbofan jet engines in a regular passenger jet. They suck air, compress it and push it out back. They run much quieter and completely emission free.flying car

The flying car features elegant gull-wing doors, it enables easy boarding and exit. It is very comfortable and also can store your luggage under your seats. There is enough space for your legs even if you are tall. And the huge panoramic window ensures an almost 360 degree view.flying car

The new five-seater flying car is claimed to use only 10 percent of the energy of a quadcopter-style aircraft and has a top speed of 300 km/h. This flying car can travel from JFK Airport to Manhattan in just 5 minutes instead of 55 minutes by road.flying car

Lilium says that the motor nacelles are individually shielded to prevent one failure affecting the others, that the power cells are designed to allow for continued flight and a safe landing if the battery conks out, and the company’s Flight Envelope Protection System is designed to reject a pilot’s commands if they would pose a safety risk.flying car

“The successful test flight program shows that our ground-breaking technical design works exactly as we envisioned,” says Lilium co-founder and CEO Daniel Wiegand. “We can now turn our focus to designing the five-seater production aircraft”.

The company is aiming for a manned flight in 2019.



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