Mario themed Pop Up bar for Mario Lovers

mario themed

Mario is a fictional character in the Mario video game. It was created by video game designer Shigeru Miyamoto. The Mario is a best selling video game of all time. Over 210 millions of units of the overall Mario series have been sold. Inspired from this, a drink company has started Mario themed Pop up bars in Washington D.C.

mario themed
image courtsey:squarespace

The drink company, a group of bars under the ownership of cocktail expert Derek brown, has put together some cherry Blossom PUBs (pop-up bars) to celebrate the cherry blossom season in the nation’s Capital.

mario themed
image courtsey: mshcdn

The Mario themed pop-up bar is so popular that it takes two hours to get in but, after looking at the photos of the place you’ll realise its beauty and enjoy it.

The interior is totally Mario themed, a moving Petey piranha is placed on the ceiling of the bar, the themed drink and some Mario approved cocktails on the menu.

mario themed
Cocktails are inspired by Japan, image courtsey:washingtonian

“Japan has always been a source of inspiration for me and we have a native Washingtonian cherry blossom is something we look forward to every year,” Derek Brown of drink company said in the press release. “This pop-up bar brings together some of my favorite things under one roof, including both classic cocktails and Mario nostalgia.”

mario themed
image courtsey :washingtoniana

If this mario themed bar is a place you definitely want to enjoy then hurry up, because this pop-up bar will only last till April 15, 2017.



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