Miracle Garden is the world’s largest natural flower garden


The miracle Garden is a flower garden located in Dubai, UAE. The garden was opened for the public on Valentine’s day in 2013. The garden spread over 72,000 meters. which makes it world’s largest natural flower garden consisting over 109 million flower planted.Miracle-GardenMiracle-GardenMiracle-Garden

Phase one of this Project was completed and opened in February 2013 which consisted 21,000 sq.ft outdoor facility including vertical and horizontal landscaping designs. The complete development of phase one took 2 month and 400 workers. Phase two work was started in mid June 2013 and completed on October 2013. It involved the expansion of landscape garden and construction of 850000 sq.ft Multistory car park, phase two development also included the addition of the floral clock, the butterfly garden, retail stores and mosques.Miracle-GardenMiracle-Garden

The miracle garden operates from October to April and remain closed from June to September due to high temperature with the average of 40 degree centigrade. The cost of this project is estimated as $11 million.

The flowers are maintained by re-use of water through drip irrigation method. The average 757,082 litres of water is required per day.Miracle-Garden

The miracle garden has recently inaugurated the Dubai butterfly garden. The world’s largest and the region’s first indoor butterfly garden and sanctuary for over 15,000 butterflies from 26 species.

The main attraction in the miracle garden is Floral clock, colourful peacocks, butterfly park and aromatic garden.

miracle garden
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miracle garden
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In April 2015, the miracle garden was awarded by Moselle award for new garden experiences of the year.

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