‘Mu tags’ will help you to find your belongings in case you forgot


Imagine you got up late in the morning and instantly your mind clicked that you’re having a meeting with the client in an hour. You complete all your daily tasks furiously and when you’re about to leave and suddenly you remember that you forgot your car keys, you run to the place where you always keep them and unfortunately it wasn’t there. You start searching for it here and there around the place and you aren’t able to locate it and panic set in. After a long struggle, you find it in your drawer. By that time, you’re almost half an hour late for the meeting and you may have loose that client forever. But not anymore, because, Designer ‘Informu’ comes up with very unique and small size smart tags which will easily be placed on your belongings and will let you know whenever you need them.smart-tagsRead Also: China is building Asia’s first vertical forest to prevent air pollution


Mu tags are basically “lose prevention” smart tags that track the location of your belongings they are placed on. And let you know via mobile App. Not just that, you can track multiple tags at the same time and you can also set an alarm on a calendar, so that it will remind you to carry important things like your passport when you’re headed for the airport, or that important folder when you’re headed for a rather urgent meeting. These tags also allow you to create a safe zone, when a certain tag leaves the zone, this app will alert you immediately. For example, you’ll know exactly when your dog jumps the garden fence or if your car suddenly leaves your garage in the middle of the night.smart-tagsRead Also: Solsource outdoor cooker will grill your food just in time


The smart tags are so small that it can easily be placed on every items and comes with a battery that can last up to 3 months on a full charge. Each battery is rechargeable, replaceable and comes colour coded. So you can organize items based on colour/priority. It comes with an app that connects with tags without Bluetooth and track the locations of the tags. You can buy these tags at just $ 24.99.

via: yanko


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