New BMW concept of Zero-Emission bike


BMW is so determined towards the new concept of Eco-Friendly bikes. Previously we’ve seen a new design of bike concept inspired from the white shark. Now the company comes with A zero-emission bike named ‘Concept Link’, revealed in Italy.new_bmw_concept

The concept link is built to provide users new era of mobility. The e-bike is completely unique and aesthetically pleasing. The new BMW concept bike is a perfect combination of black and gray color and orange lightning between the body makes it magnificent. It has flat seat for two persons and is adjustable lengthwise.new_bmw_concept

The BMW concept link bike does not just look unique but it boasts of a connected approach to transport. The bike knows what’s in the rider’s calendar and therefore his next destination. This allows the user to take the fastest route and avoid traffic. This New concept of BMW is equipped with two displays. One HUD windshield display will show you the various statistics about the bike like battery, speed, navigation etc. and second touch-screen is reserved for other functions.new_bmw_concept                                     Read Also: Smallest house in the world

The bike will be fully electronic and will provide users zero-emission ride. It also features a reverse gear and has storage under the seat. The BMW plans to launch the range of the e-cloths that are compatible with the concept link so that user can control the bike’s cargo door simply by specific touch gesture on the sleeve of the e-jacket.new_bmw_concept

The future is excited and we all desperately want this Sci-fi concept to be reality as soon as possible. Let us know about your opinions..??

via: yanko, bmw


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