Propella 2.0 is a light weight and Elegant semi-electric E bike


Propella is a Seattle, USA- based company, whose mission is to bridge the gap between bicycles and electric bikes. The traditional E-bikes don’t have pedals, instead of that they only have direct gear mechanism which gain the power from the battery and move the wheels. But, Propella 2.0 E bike will have both pedals and electric motor which will assist you while pedaling. The company said:

              “A great E bike must be a great bike in the first place”.

Propella 2.0 E bike is a combination of both traditional and electric bike. It comes with a pedal assist system (PAS), letting user decide how much additional power they would like the bike to Output. If you don’t want electric assistance, just select “0” level and the E bike will never activate the motor. If you are tired of pedalling then you can totally switch to the electric motor, it will run the bike without the help of pedals.propella-2.0-e-bikepropella-2.0-e-bike

Propella 2.0 E bike is a magnificent, light weight and compact in size. So, it is easy to lift and carry. It uses a compact and portable battery pack system, which will be fitted in the traditional water bottle holder. The Battery is updated with 36 Volt 6.8 ah Lithium-ion packs from Panasonic. The charging time will be 2.5 hours and can be charged with any standard wall outlet.propella-2.0-e-bike

A 250 watt geared hub motor is integrated with the rear wheel of this E bike. It will add extra boost to your ride. A LED display is mounted on the bike’s handle from where you can adjust your pedal assist level and enjoy the boost of electric power. You can select “0”, if you don’t want any assistance from the motor. Pedal assist will start automatically when you start pedaling and stops when you stop pedaling.propella-2.0-e-bike

The LED display will show the battery level. The batteries are removable and easy to maintain. The geared motor is maintenance free. The best thing is that all of these are waterproof, so you can enjoy your ride in any season. The bike also makes sure to maintain a low center of mass, so users aren’t fighting the bike’s weight during a downhill run or on uphill climb.propella-2.0-e-bike

Propella 2.0 E bike comes with two speed types. The company said a single-speed E bike can easily climb most hills one could encounter. However, there is an option to upgrade the bike to seven-speed version.

Propella 2.0 is currently available at $799. The seven speed option will cost you additional $150 to the overall price.

source & image courtsey : propella


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