Smallest house in the world

smallest house

World’s smallest house is actually a “one bedroom terraced house” located at Richmond avenue London. This smallest house is having just 188 sq.ft. of living  space including an airborne shelf to sleep on.smallest house

In this smallest house a small kitchen is provided and the stair to reach the airborne shelf, is just above it. A wardrobe is provided on the top of the bed so that the essential of life, like cloths and other things can be kept there.smallest housesmallest house

A small table two stools and two-floor cushions are also placed on the ground floor. Climbing the stair to “bedroom” (airborne self) require the owner to first climb on the kitchen work surface.smallest housesmallest house

The “bathroom” is about the same size of wardrobe and shower and toilet are so close. It is entirely possible to use all the facilities at the same time. Although this is the world’s smallest house but it costs too much. This smallest house has gone on the market for € 275,000.smallest house

This house got everything that a house would have and the space is cleverly used and is ideal for one person. Although its price is high but overall it is good.



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