Solsource outdoor cooker will grill your food just in time


During past few years, designers are trying to harness the solar energy as much as possible. To achieve this they are establishing large solar fields, installing solar panels on the roof of the houses and some are trying to use it directly to do our day to day works like cooking, water boiling etc. A team of designers has introduced a solar cooker named Solsource that can be used to fry, grill and boil water using only light coming directly from the sun.solsource

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The solsource looks like a satellite dish and is super portable that it can be easily carried to anywhere. It is a perfect piece of work with carefully designed geometry that would capture enough heat to produce the equivalent of 1000 W of cooking power and point it towards the Pan mounted above from the dish. The team says that so long as you can see shadows, then you have enough light to get cooking. The solsource cooker only weighs 4.5 kg and measuring 80cm wide and 80cm high, so it can easily be transported from one place to another when needed like to the beach, park or in the jungle for emission-free grilling.solsource

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The solsource cooker can setup in just five minutes and can reach to the cooking temperature in seconds, right up to a maximum temperature of 200 °C.solsource

Currently, the project is the subject of a Kickstarter campaign. It will cost you $149 and $229 with a specially made carry case. The company plans to start shipping in August 2017.

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