These ground level traffic signals will warn smartphone addicts on the roads

ground level traffic signals
image courtsey:HIG

Smartphones have become a crucial part in our life. You may have seen many smart phone addicts around you who don’t even leave their smart phone for some instance. This results many bad consequences like, less sleep, eyes burning, lack of concentration, pain in your fingers, etc.

Around the world, millions of the people use the smartphones while driving, while walking on the roads. This activity diverts their focus from the road and often results road accidents. These incidents mostly happen to those who text during the walk, so they don’t see the traffic and surroundings, which cause them accidents.

Bodergraven, a small town in Netherlands, is doing something interesting about this issue. The Town installed ground level traffic signals in the pavement to aware the smart phone users. A strip of  red colour LED lights is fitted in the pavement, so that mobile users can easily see this while looking down.

ground level traffic signals
image courtsey:HIG

This interesting innovation is produced by HIG Traffic system. These LED lights are only fitted in a single intersection at the moment and are in trial phase.

However, “ It’s not a good idea to help mobile phone users look at their phones”, said Jose De Jong from the Dutch traffic Association. “We don’t want people to use phones when they’re dealing with traffic, even when walking around. People must always look around them, to check if some cars are actually stopping at the red signals”, he added.

Is this idea of ground level traffic signals is good or not? Either way, but this concept is very interesting and gaining huge attention. Bodergraven isn’t the only city to install these types of LED lights. The German city of Augsburg is doing similar like this.



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