This Ambulance drone could save your life in an emergency

Ambulance drone

In rural areas and highways which are far from cities, people can left be waiting hours in case of any emergency for medical help. Keeping this in mind a new ambulance drone has been designed to save the lives by reducing the waiting time. This innovative concept is designed by Argodesign, a company based in Austin, Texas.

This drone is compact in size so, it could land almost anywhere. This ambulance drone will contain a compartment which will have all the emergency medical facilities along with an emergency medical technician (EMT).  Who will be with patients during flight and give them emergency help till it reached to the hospital.Ambulance drone

This drone does not need any pilot, instead of that, it will be handled by a computer system. In case of any emergency this drone can be operated manually too.

This Quadcopter like Ambulance drone concept has made to provide emergency medical help to the required location as soon as possible.Ambulance drone

The idea was born when the Argodesign team was brain storming around how health care could become more accessible.

Firstly, the designer thought about new to make a self-driving ambulance which sparked them to think of a ambulance drone.Ambulance drone

But this concept will not be cheap. Mr. Rolston believes that the Ambulance drone would cost around $1million which is much more expensive than a wheeled ambulance.



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