This ‘Tilt’ speaker will wirelessly charge your Smartphones

wireless charging

Wireless charging technology is growing rapidly nowadays. Scientists are trying to reduce the wireless charging time. Many tech giant companies are trying their best to come up with the best service so that they can dominate the market. We’ve already seen wireless speakers and chargers. But designer Kim Hyusoec has designed a concept of speaker that also can charge your smartphone wirelessly.

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wireless charging

This wireless speaker known as ‘Tilt’ is a dual-purpose device. It is a dual-sided design, one side is curved which will act as a speaker and play soundtracks, and another side is flat which will charge your phone wirelessly. All you have to do is just keep your Qi-enabling device on this surface and it will automatically start charging.

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wireless charging

The ‘Tilt’ speaker is small in size so you can take it anywhere you want, to instantly add a soundtrack with your favorite tunes.

Via: trendhunter


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