New bmw concept of bike inspired from White shark

New bmw concept

A new bmw concept of bike named ‘Alpha Bullet Bike’ was designed by the designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem. It was designed almost two year ago. Erdem began designing such types of bikes after watching the film “The world’s fastest Indian”, which features land speed record bikes on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The designer Erdem is very much inspired by the great white sharks. So he wanted to create a bike which powerful and beautiful like white shark.New bmw concept

“If you look at the body of a shark you can see that it is clean and perfect but inside, it is so complicated,” said Erdem. So alpha’s front end is clean and smooth, while the back is powerful, symbolizing the tail of white shark.New bmw concept

Erdem decided to work with mark Atkinson who is a machinist at Salt Lake City, to make this bike reality. Atkinson moulded the parts of the bike and did the required changes. He would redo the part for this new bmw concept bike until he felt that they were right.New bmw concept

The aerodynamic front nose of this new bmw concept bike was made from basalt and carbon basalt blend. The basalt is lava rock. It is extruded into string and woven into a cloth similar to carbon fiber. “It is unusual and very beautiful natural fiber”, Said Mark. A friend from boeing helped Atkinson to get the nose looking right. It took Erdem and Atkinson 16 month to build this marvellous BMW bike.New bmw concept

This new bmw concept is powered by K75’s 740cc inline three cylinder BMW engine. According to Mark Atkinson, BMW engine use fine thread fasteners and correct length bolts, so they don’t have any tolerance issue. “I’ve been building engines for a long time and BMW’s are my favourite. They design like I design”.New bmw concept

Although, this new bmw concept is not like most other user friendly bikes out there, this is completely unique and magnificient bike designed by two kindred Spirits.



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