Who was the elevator inventor?


The elevator may seem modern thing today but, they are used to transport goods and people for thousand years, not the modern elevators but something like that. Let’s see who was the elevator inventor?

The Greek mathematician Archimedes created the first primitive elevator in 236 B.C. which was a device with rope and pulleys. Where the rope was wrapped around a capstan and manpower used to pull a lever to turn the drum.

IN 1743, the king Louis XV had elevator named “flying chair”. This chair was built to allow the king to one of his mistresses’ quarters on the third floor of the Palace Versailles.

In 1823, Two British architects- Burton and Hormer built a steam powered “Ascending Room” to take tourists up to a platform for a view of London. After few years their invention was modified by Architects Frost and Stutt who added a belt and counterweight to the steam-powered lift called “Teagle” in 1853.

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Soon enough, hydraulic systems began to be created as well, using water pressure to raise and lower the elevator. But, these elevators weren’t safe. In case if they fail, it would cost users either their life or major injuries.

A big turning point came in 1853 when Elisha Graves Otis solved the problem of rope failure. He installed a safety break into the elevator which prevents the rope from failure.

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So, Frost and Stutt’s counter balance type, traction method elevator and Otis’s safety break become the fundamental elevator safety features.

The world’s first passenger service elevator was installed in a five-story hotel in New-York in 1857. This elevator was manufactured by Otis Elevator Company. Elisha Otis is known as the modern elevator inventor. It was a steam powered, having maximum load capacity of 450 kg, and a top speed of 12 meters per minute.

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The first person to use a DC motor to move the elevator is believed to be Wegster in 1884 in the United States. In 1889, Norton Otis, son of Elisha Otis developed the first direct connected geared electric elevator in the world and installed it in New-York. The Elevator had the maximum load capacity of 675 kg and the top speed of 30 meters per minute.

But today, technology has become so advanced that we have become able to reach the 119th floor in just 53 seconds with the help of the fastest elevator. Indirectly we can say that without elevators we couldn’t have able to see these huge and tall skyscrapers.

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