World’s Longest floating road

world's longest floating road

Now a days, Countries are trying to attract as many tourists as possible, to do so, they are building huge and unique architecture and structure like Dubai’s flower garden, British Airways i360 tower, China’s first vertical forest, lowline underground park, etc. and in this field China always adopt ‘Bigger is Better’ approach. And now China has come up with the world’s longest floating road. This new landmark was inaugurated in December 2016 and has already got a place in the Guinness book of's longest floating road

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This floating pedestrian road is located in the Chinese province of Guizhou across the river of Junsuina. The structure is over 50 km long- that’s more than twice the length of New York’s Manhattan Island and it will take at least 10 hours to pass the floating road completely. This unique and interesting structure is designed for tourists from different countries. The designers of this project have placed more than 200,000 objects in the water to make this master piece more interesting and one of its kind. A huge floating duck has also been placed in the water which is secured with anchors. The bustling entertainment centre is built around a series of tented structures which offer a range of tourist attractions.

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world's longest floating road

In this evening the pedestrian road is illuminated by bright lights which gives it stunning and totally distinctive look. According to the China Xinhua news the vast structure is built to rise and fall accordance with fluctuating water's longest floating road

During the day tourist can enjoy various entertainment displays and partake in water sports. While at night the entire floating structure turns into dazzling light parade.



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